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Information about how to keep and manage effective records for your organisation. read more »

An introduction to recordkeeping and the recordkeeping resources in the Community Resource Kit. read more »

Information to help you organise an effective and efficient filing system. read more »

Actively caring for and maintaining your records. read more »

A toolkit from Centrepoint for Leaders designed for small, not-for-profits. read more »

The Community Law Manual sets out comprehensive legal information in a clear, accessible way for everyday users. Covering many areas of community organisation law, the manual provides answers and solutions to common legal questions. read more »

Four important policies most organisations will need to consider: health and safety, complaints, volunteers and Te Tiriti o Waitangi Treaty of Waitangi. read more »

A list of policies and procedures for you to check through. read more »

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for your group. It has a more immediate focus than the long-term outlook of the strategic plan and is very specific. read more »

A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics. read more »

What are policies and why do we need them? read more »

Steps on how to develop policiies and procedures. read more »