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A plan is only useful if it works in practice. Monitoring and evaluation will help you assess this and give you information to improve the programme or service in the future. read more »

A risk is a current or future factor or event that could negatively affect the project, service or programme you are planning. read more »

Many community projects and programmes are started by the imagination and passion of one person, or group of people, wanting to make a difference in the community. A feasibility study is a good reality check, giving you some information about your chances of success, and possible pitfalls. read more »

A marketing plan forms part of the wider operational planning. It identifies how you will find out more about your customers needs, how you will develop services to match their needs, and how you will let them know about your services. read more »

Project management/planning refers to separate, distinct projects, events or programmes. These will link to the actions or activities in your operational plan for the whole organisation. read more »

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for your group. It has a more immediate focus than the long-term outlook of the strategic plan and is very specific. read more »

Information about the strategic planning process, analysis tools, and drawing up your strategy. Strategic planning involves defining what you want your group to achieve and making decisions on the best way to get it done. read more »

Information about incorporated societies, the key features and rules. read more »

Information about formal organisational structures, the advantages and disadvantages. read more »

Information about umbrella groups and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organisational structure. read more »

Information about unincorporated groups - the key features, rules and processes, advantages and limitations. read more »

An introduction to planning and the planning resources available in the Community Resource Kit. A plan is like a recipe, it gives you the ingredients and their quantities, how to put it all together and in what order so that you get what you envisioned. read more »

A table to compare the different types of legal structures and their characteristics. read more »

Things to consider when deciding which organisational structure is right for you. read more »

An introduction to organisational structures and the resources in the Community Resource Kit. read more »

About the stages of an organisation's life cycle, development and typical characteristics. read more »

A introduction to community and voluntary groups in New Zealand, the words used, culture and values, historical background and the community-government relationships. read more »

An alphabetical list of terms found in the Community Resources Kit, with brief explanations. read more »