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A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics. read more »

A marketing plan forms part of the wider operational planning. It identifies how you will find out more about your customers needs, how you will develop services to match their needs, and how you will let them know about your services. read more »

Find out how to run efficient and productive meetings. read more »

Information about running formal meetings with established agendas and procedures. read more »

An introduction to communications and the communication resources in the Community Resource Kit. read more »

Information about communications plans, the process, and a communitcations plan template. read more »

Working with the media to tell the story about your organisation. read more »

More about how to communicate with central government. read more »

More on the different ways to communicate with local government. read more »

Hui E! Community Aotearoa is an organisation focused on the needs of the broad Tangata Whenua, community and voluntary sector in New Zealand. read more »

This resource is for iwi, hapū and communities wanting to connect with their people, their country and the world by becoming more digitally literate. read more »

Communication - webinar resource - Connecting with others read more »