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Are you looking to build connection and capacity across a diverse team in a virtual environment? read more »

This IOD resource includes templates to help organise your board meetings. read more »

This guide helps boards manage conflicts of interest in the boardroom and model good practice. read more »

This guide describes the range of ethical and legal duties and obligations of being an effective director. read more »

The Institute of Directors have established a hub focused on not-for-profit governance - 'for passion and purpose'. read more »

Charities in NZ must retain their independence from political parties and candidates. Although charities can express support for a particular policy of a political party that is important to their charitable purpose, a charity must not support or oppose a political party or candidate. read more »

This guide is designed to help charities identify and record conflicts of interest. read more »

How do organisations generate their QR code poster for COVID-19 contact tracing? read more »

Lynda.com is an video tutorial service providing access to over 3,500 instructional videos on many topics including computer software, design, video editing, animation and business skills. read more »

Information for organisations on how to put contract tracing in place, download a contract tracing register, and read about privacy and COVID-19. read more »

This 'Getting Through Together' resource includes a guide for workplace leaders on wellbeing at work during COVID-19... read more »

The Human Rights Commission has gathered some guidance that will give you the tools and confidence to help eliminate racism. This advice includes anti-racism tips, tools, and campaigns. read more »

This digital wellbeing platform aims to provide employers across New Zealand with fast, online access to mental health and wellbeing support for their employees. read more »

This tool offers a quick and structured way to get input and insight from peers into a current challenge you or your team are facing, offering participants rapid feedback and new perspectives. read more »

Information about tools and useful links to help you, your staff and volunteers continue to work together effectively from different places... read more »

COVID-19 raises concerns for organisations, their work, staff and people who use their services. This resource includes links to the government's COVID-19 website, resources for community organisations, looking after mental health and welbeing and other general advice. read more »

A free online library of 1,000's of practical resources that include organisational development in non profits. Many resources are focused on governance and organisational operations as well as management. read more »

These guides, focusing on anti-fraud measures, are written for UK charities but the principles and protections apply equally to New Zealand organisations. read more »

This tool helps you create tailored employment agreements for your staff. read more »

This resource, developed by Community Law, contains a practical legal toolkit designed to support organisations working in the community sector. read more »