Business Planning and Productivity Tool

Business Sorter - a digital business planning tool

It’s easy to get bogged down with day-to-day detail when you’re running an organisation, which makes it hard to look at the big picture and work out a plan for the future.  Business Sorter focuses your attention on the things you need to work on now, by helping you identify your top priorities.

How does the tool work?

  • Look at your organisation thoroughly from all angles. Choose from 273 cards that cover six key areas of your organisation's business: sales, finance, goods and services, people, brand and marketing and operations. You can also add your own cards.
  • Once you’ve decided what you need to work on, Business Sorter provides you with practical tips as well as links to helpful websites, templates and recommended reading.
  • Your Business Sorter plan is in the cloud so you can view it anytime, anywhere, on any device. Everyone always has the current plan and knows what they have to do
  • Business Sorter’s objectives and key steps are pre-populated with content (which is fully editable), allowing for ease of use and ongoing learning.
  • The design of the tool and embedded training supports greater delegation, prioritising, review and implementation of objectives.
  • Additional resources are provided by clicking on the (i) button next to each key step, along with additional content in the Resources section (top tool bar click on More) and include planning tips and SWOT template, sales and business development, skills and knowledge, recruitment and people development.

Watch the 2 minute video here for more information.

Free 12 month account for charitable organisations

To support the Charitable and Non Profit Sector, Business Sorter are providing a free 12 month account to any New Zealand organisation with Charitable status. 

To access this offer, please email and include your charities services registration number. Business Sorter will send you a code to access a free “Medium Team” 12 month account and instructions.