Is your community organisation ready to engage with Business?

Created: October 15, 2013 at 3:57 PM | Updated: October 9, 2017 | By Charities Services

If you can answer YES to all of the following questions then you're prepared to answer some of the key questions businesses have when getting to know a community organisation.

   Yes  No
Can you describe what difference you are making to your community, why it is needed, and what positive outcomes you create as a result of your work?    
Can you discuss your unique strengths (e.g. networks, experience, brand, intellectual property, communications)?    
Will you introduce the trusted team behind your work?    
Can you outline what systems and processes you have to make sure you deliver impact?    

Are you ready to share your current challenges and how this particular business might be able to support them?


Have you researched what the goals, vision, values or key messages of the business are? What do they do? What is their brand?


Can you show how your cause relates to the business? How is the difference you are making in your community relevant to the business you're approaching? How do your organisations align?


Do you know the owner, manager or Chief Executive of the business? How do you get along with them? Are they good to deal with? Have you spent time getting to know them to make sure your Charity is the best fit for their business?

Do you know what stage the business is at in terms of its life cycle? Is it a new business wanting to find trustworthy allies, a mature business caring for its staff or a cash-strapped business looking for new networks and opportunities? How does this align with where your organisation is? Does this lead to any opportunities?    

Do you know who are the business's customers? Have you got any examples, ideas or suggestions as to how the business could learn from or share in what you do to care for them better? Does this align with your organisation?


Can you show how will you report outcomes to the business and manage the relationship over time?



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