Squiz - SME business supporting community

Created: July 29, 2013 at 3:21 PM | Updated: January 18, 2019 | By Charities Services

What does your business do, how is it run (structured)?
Squiz NZ is the New Zealand arm of Squiz, a group of web development companies serving customers around the world.

What is your business trying to achieve(financial, environmental and/or social goals)?
Squiz is growing into one of the world's most innovative information management companies. We want to equip the leading organisations in New Zealand's transition to a more sustainable, knowledge-based economy, with the best information management solutions.

How does your business support the community?
Squiz supports our community in a variety of ways including pro bono work, letting community groups use facilities such as our boardroom or training lab and donating used computer equipment.

Why does your business support the community?
Simply because we are part of the community. We recognise that we need a healthy community to thrive ourselves.

What is the story behind your support (is your support proactive or reactive; strategic or ad hoc)?
We look for opportunities that use our particular capabilities well. However, a number of our people are active in community groups of various types, from food banks to refugee support to environmental causes - and ad hoc opportunities often arise from these contacts.

Who initiated the support - directors/management, staff, customers,suppliers, local community?
All the above.

What benefits does your business receive from supporting the community?
Meeting interesting people, making some new friends, getting fresh perspectives, enhanced sense of purpose.

What challenges have you had to overcome to create a successful partnership?
The main challenge is finding enough time.

What would you recommend to other businesses? Any words of advice?
Follow your heart and give it a go!


This case study supports the report on Engagement between Business and Community Organisations