About the content editor

CMS content editor

In the content editor you can hover the mouse over the icon to find out what it is.

You will be familiar with most of these icons as they are used often in common software programmes. We will explain the icons you might not be so familiar with.

Cut, Copy & Paste

You will most likely be familiar with the first three icons: cut, copy and paste. 

CMS content editor 9

The last two icons might not be so familiar.

Paste plain text

Clicking this icon allows you to paste text and strip out all previous formatting.

Paste plain text

Paste text from Word

Clicking this icon allows you to paste text from Microsoft Word and keep most of the formatting.

Paste from Word

Insert Media

You can add pictures and video to your resource by selecting this icon.


From your computer

You can choose to upload files from your computer. Select 'Choose files to upload...' to browse your computer's files, or you can drag and drop files in the area called 'drag files here'. 

Picture 1

You can add more than one file:

Picture 5


From the web

You can also embed media from the web, such as YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Picture 8

Add supporting text

You can add supporting text to your media by selecting 'edit'.

Edit peguin picture

Alternative text (alt)

Shown to screen reader of if image can not be displayed.

Title text (tooltip) 

Additional information about the image that will display when the mouse is hovered over the image on the published resource.

Caption text

This text will display below the image and be the same style as paragraph text. This can be altered in the content editor without going in to the 'edit' media and appears as regular paragraph text.

Alignment / Style

This is to adjust how the media image is aligned on the page.

Picture 9 

You can also use the options on the content editor to align the picture.

Picture 10


This alters the display size of the media. You can also resize images after they have been added by selecting the media image. When you select the media image, it will highlight blue. You can click and drag on the white square on the boarder to adjust the size on the image. 

Picture 6


Once you are happy with the media you have added, select 'Insert'

Picture 7

You can make changes later by selecting the media you want to alter and then clicking on the media icon.



You can add links to other pages on CommunityNet. If you would like to link to another website, we suggest that you create a 'Shared Links' resource.

Select the text that you would like to act as the link and the click on the link icon.

Link icon

Link options

Select that you would like to link to a page on the site.

Link to

Find the page you would like to link to by clicking on the empty field. You will need to expand lists to find the resource that you would like to link to.

Link details

Then click 'Insert link'.

Insert link



Creating tables can be very complicated. A resource will be developed in future to give you some tips and information about how to create and edit tables. 

Editing tables

In the meantime you are welcome to have a go or let us know if you would like us to add a table for you.

If you are ever struck on anything, let us know by using the Contact form or email us at info@community.net.nz. We're always happy to help.