Introduction to the CMS

This guide is designed to support registered contributors. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please read About Contributing

Accessing the CMS

You must be logged into CommunityNet Aotearoa to access the Content Management System (CMS) and registered as a Contributor.

You can get to the CMS through My Toolkit

 My Toolkit

and clicking on the Go to admin site button.

 Go to admin site

You can also access the CMS by using this address:  



In the CMS you will be able to view a list of all the pages in the CMS.

You will only be able to edit your organisation's pages which will stand out in bold blue text. Pages that are locked have grey text and can't be edited. This means that you don't need to worry about accidentally changing someone else's content.


A little triangle to the left of a title indicates there is an expandable list. Click on the triangle to expand or contract the list. 

Your organisation will be listed under 'Resources' and will be in the bold blue text.


When you add resources they will be listed under your organisation's name.

Click on your organisation's name to view and edit your organisation's page. Learn about editing your organisation's details here.

Once you've added resources you will also be able to click on the resource titles to view and edit them. Learn about adding resources here.

 CMS 26

Saving drafts and publishing

When you are viewing your organisation's page or a resource in the CMS there are buttons at the bottom of the page to save draft, publish, unpublish, or delete the resources. 

Click on 'Save draft' if you want to save changes but you don't want them to be published to the site yet.

Click on 'Save & publish' if you want to save changes and publish to the site. Users of CommunityNet will then be able to view the changed content.

CMS 27

The button colour will change to grey to indicate that you have either saved or published the resource.

CMS 25

 Click on more options if you wish to unpublish or delete the resource.

 CMS 24

Unpublishing will mean that users of CommunityNet Aotearoa will no longer be able to view the resource. Deleting will permanently remove the resource from the site and the CMS.


Preview drafted or published resources

In the bottom right corner of the window you will see a small symbol of the viewing mode that you are in. The pen and paper symbol shows that you are in 'edit mode'

CMS 21

Click on the symbol to select a different viewing mode.

Split mode will split the window view so that you can see both the CMS and preview. In Preview mode you will only see the preview.

CMS 22

In the split or preview mode the buttons in the bottom right will be green to show whether you are previewing the draft or published resource. Click on the grey option when you want to change what you are previewing.

CMS 23

CMS 10


Click on the viewing mode symbol to select a different viewing mode.

CMS 11