Adding a resource

This guide is designed to support registered contributors. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please read About Contributing

Add new

In the CMS click on your organisation in the list of pages. You may need to expand the Resources list to find it.

Select 'Add new'

CMS 12

There are two selections:

  1. Choose where to create this page
  2. Choose page type

CMS 29

Choose where to create this page

Make sure "Under another page' is selected and the name of your organisation displays.

CMS 13

If your organisation isn't displaying, you will need to use the drop down option in the right of the field to find and select your organisation.

Choose page type

Choose the type of resource that you would like add to the site. There is more information about the types of resources in About the resources.

You will only be able to create 'Resource' pages. If you select other types of pages, they will not be created.

CMS 14

Once you have checked you are creating the resource under your organisation's page and selected the type of resource, click on 'Create'.

 CMS 15

You have now successfully created a new resource.

 CMS 16

Add information about the resource

Add a title to the resource and a description.

CMS 17

Select the tick box if the resource is mainly in Te Reo Māori. 

The following tick boxes help describe your resource making it easier for users of the site to search information. You can select as many or few as you wish.


Resource topics are divided into 10 groups:

  • Direction
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Evaluation
  • Relationships
  • Other

Select the topics which best describe your resource. This could be just one or quite a few.

CMS 18

Type of organisations the resource is designed for

Select the options that best describe the type of organisation that the resource is most suited for. 

CMS 19


Full Resource Content

This is where you add the resource content. The content editor lets you add and format text, pictures, links and more. Learn more about the content editor here.

 Content editor

Supporting Files

If you have documents that you would like make available to download you can attach them to your resource as a supporting file. You can either drag and drop the file or click 'From your computer' to browse your computer's files.

Supporting files