Human Resources Samples and Templates

These are some useful Human Resources templates and guidelines. There is a template of Job Analysis Questionnaire, a guide for Producing a Person Specification, and a guide for developing a Disciplinary Policy and Procedure. There is also a link to a guide for How to avoid a personal grievance.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

The intention of the analysis is to get an accurate description of the tasks involved within a job and the skills and qualities necessary for the job holder. This sample questionnaire (Supporting Document 1) is produced by Massey University's Barrie Humphreys and includes a sample set of questions for organisations to answer when creating a person specification.


Producing a Person Specification

A person specification forms the foundation for the recruitment process and provides a valid, legally justifiable basis for selection decisions. This outline (Supporting Document 2) by Massey University's Barrie Humphreys covers requirements and types of selection criteria.


Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

A sample policy for employee standards of conduct, attendance and performance, rules of behaviour, and disciplinary procedure (Supporting Document 3). Includes a flowchart of the disciplinary process. Produced by Massey University's Barrie Humphreys.


How to Avoid a Personal Grievance

Although employers may have a good reason to dismiss an employee and even though they follow the correct legal procedures, this does not take away an employee's right to file a grievance for unjustified dismissal. If an issue arises that requires the employer to carry out an investigation, the employer must act in good faith by using a fair process. More on the employment relationship can be found here.