Community Resource Kit Overview

Created: February 26, 2019 at 8:58 AM | Updated: March 17, 2022 | By NZ Navigator Trust

The Community Resource Kit is a guide to setting up and running community groups in New Zealand. It is for community, voluntary and iwi/Māori organisations, from small or emerging groups to more established organisations, and all the workers, volunteers and advisors working with these groups.

In response to requests from libraries and other resource providers for a printable version of the kit, we have created an overview document that describes the content that you can find in the Community Resource Kit on CommunityNet - this document can be downloaded from the Supporting Documents section at the bottom of this page. 

You will find a brief description of all the topics covered in the kit, along with links to the CommunityNet page where you can access detailed information about your chosen topic.

Community resource kit overview

The current online edition of the Community Resource Kit builds on the Community Development Resource Kit first published in 1993 by the Department of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Social Development, and further revised in 2006. Extensive revisions of the kit were undertaken by the NZ Navigator Trust in 2018 and again in 2020.

You can also find a list of the contents of the Community Resource Kit here.

Supporting documents