Fraud Prevention Guides for Organisations

Created: January 31, 2020 at 1:16 PM | Updated: January 31, 2020 | By NZ Navigator Trust

Charities, like all organisations, are vulnerable to fraud and criminals are using increasingly sophisticated ways to defraud organisations. Have the policies and procedures in your organisation kept up?

Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud

The Small Charities Coalition supports it's UK-based members by making their voices heard and providing resources. As the result of a counter fraud campaign, they developed a comprehensive fraud prevention guide. The concepts discussed in the guide are applicable to New Zealand organisations. 

Charities Fraud Guide

The topics covered in the attached guide include:

  • What is fraud?
  • How to protect your charity from fraud
  • How to spot fraud
  • What to do when you have detected fraud
  • Where to report fraud
  • Top ten tips and
  • A fraud risk template

You can download this guide from the Supporting Documents section below. 

A beginner's guide to anti-fraud measures

Organisations are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent invoices, often received by email. 

Invoice fraud guide

The attached help sheet is a brief overview, a beginner's guide to anti-fraud measures. It provides a simple checklist that your organisation can implement to protect itself from invoice fraud.

You can download this help sheet from the Supporting Documents section below. 

Updating your organisation's policies

Financial policies and procedures written for New Zealand organisations, including one covering theft and fraud, can be found in the Platform Trust policy and procedures library.

Supporting documents