Timeline - Incorporated Societies Act changes

Created: June 20, 2022 at 5:43 PM | Updated: August 20, 2023 | By NZ Navigator Trust

The new Incorporated Societies Act was passed in April 2022, replacing the old Act from 1908.

Existing incorporated societies need to make some changes to their rules and must reregister to continue.

Community Networks Aotearoa have created a timeline of the process (download a PDF version below)

They describe three key dates and what needs to be achieved:

  1. April 2022 - incorporated societies continue to be registered under the 1908 Act.
  2. In October 2023 - new legislation comes into effect and all existing Incorporated Societies have just over 2 years to re-register. The constitution/rules of the society must include the new requirements, and the Companies Office will now have stronger enforcement and be able to bring criminal charges.
  3. In April 2026 - Any incorporated societies that have not reregistered will be removed. 

Community Networks Aotearoa


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