BigBlueButton video conferencing

Video conferencing that is available for free to NZ-based organisations, with no download required and no timeouts for non-paying users. BigBlueButton can support up to 200 users at the same time.

Key features

  • breakout rooms
  • an interactive, multi-user whiteboard
  • live Q&A
  • document editing
  • upload of digital presentations and
  • the ability to play pre-recorded videos.

Why use BigBlueButton?

  • Unlimited meeting duration: You won't be kicked out because you've hit a time limit.
  • Create a personalised room per topic/meeting: Every participant can upload their own presentations and create an environment that's best suited for them.
  • Nothing for your team and participants to install: everything can be done via the website
  • Dedicated tools for educators: Create breakout rooms, use a collaborative whiteboard and play pre-recorded videos hosted elsewhere
  • High quality video: our system is hosted in New Zealand, that makes it quick. No lag!
  • Protect participant privacy: your people won't be subjected to monitoring by advertisers as may be the case with other tools.

BigBlueButton is listed as part of the Ministry of Education's official guidance for early learning services, schools and kura investigating video conferencing tools.

To register your interest, or to ask any questions, please email