COVID-19 advice for organisations

Government COVID-19 website

The New Zealand Government COVID-19 website gathers everything you need to know into one place. Check the Unite against COVID-19 website to get the latest updates.

Government COVID-19

The Government has launched a daily newsletter to help New Zealanders stay up-to-date with COVID-19 - sign up here.

Ministry of Health

Visit the Ministry of Health website here to get current situation COVID-19 information.

You can get posters for your workplace on the Ministry of Health site here - this one is particularly useful for displaying in your workplace - How to protect yourself and others.

The Ministry of Health also have these resources available in a number of languages.

Looking After Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19

The Mental Health Foundation have tips and information on their website to help individuals and organisations look after our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our whānau and community.  

Blueprint for Learning has created a framework, based on the Te Whare Tapa Whā model, for working well from home. This framework looks at the four dimensions of wellbeing.

Extra funding for NGOs and community groups providing essential services

Extra funding is being provided to community groups and social sector services to ensure they can continue to provide essential support to communities as the nation stays home.

This will support social services that:

  • Ensure people have access to the food and other goods they need to survive
  • Provide a place for people to live
  • Support disabled people to maintain critical wellbeing
  • Keep families safe from harm and offer crisis support

The $27 million dollar package is effective immediately - read more here.

The MSD website has a list of what constitutes an essential social service here.

You can also find information about how MSD can assist providers here.

COVID-19 Community Awareness and Preparedness Fund

As part of the $27M fund for the community sector,  the COVID-19 Community Awareness and Preparedness Fund is now available.

The Ministry of Social Development managed fund is available to Community based groups that are or will be providing essential community-led solutions to support local resilience and community wellbeing during the period of Covid-19 - Alert Level 4.

Grants are currently capped at $5,000 (excl GST) and will be one-off with priority being given to requests that support Māori, Pacific, older people, people with disabilities, people with current significant health considerations, migrant communities and people who are rurally isolated. More information on the application process can be found here.

Working in essential jobs with physical or close contact

Recommendations for organisations with people doing essential jobs that may require physical or close contact - Unite against COVID-19 has released new guidance on wearing protective equipment.

Information for registered charities

Charities Services have updated their information on COVID-19 for registered charities.  You'll find answers to a wide range of questions that charities may be dealing with including:

  • does the government's economic support package extend to registered charities?
  • what if you need to cancel or postpone your AGM?
  • what can you do to support staff and volunteers during this time?
  • what can charities do to help?

Funding information

Community Matters explain their commitment to our communities here including the impact on current and future funding rounds and how to contact them.

Philanthropy New Zealand has collated information of relevance to funders and recipients of funding here.

Individual funders also address the current situation, for example Nikau, Wellington Community Trust, and Rata Foundation.

MBIE COVID-19 Information for Businesses

You need to stay up to date with developments and ensure your organisation is as prepared as possible - MBIE has collated some great resources for businesses here. This includes everything from health and travel guidance, to how to create a business continuity plan.


MBIE COVID-19 resources


You'll also find information on the Government's Economic Response Package to help cushion the impact of COVID-19 and support the economy during the crisis (announced 17 March 2020). 

The package includes:

  • Wage subsidy scheme
  • Leave and self-isolation support
  • Business cash flow and tax measures etc

The government have confirmed that the Wage Subsidy Scheme DOES cover registered charities, non-governmental organisations, incorporated societies and post-settlement governance entities.

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organization also provides general advice about COVID-19.


The WHO resources include a document titled Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19.  This document gives detailed advice on:

  1. Simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace
  2. How to manage COVID-19 risks when organizing meetings & events
  3. Things to consider when you and your employees travel
  4. Getting your workplace ready in case COVID-19 arrives in your community

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC - Centres for Disease Control and Prevention - have other useful resources to help businesses and employers to plan, prepare and respond to COVID-19. These include information on:

  • recommended strategies for employers to use now and
  • planning for an outbreak

There are more specific CDC resources in Preventing COVID-19 spread in communities