Governance 101

Sport New Zealand's on-line learning portal - SportTutor - includes a training programme on Governance. This programme covers the fundamentals of governance, which can be applied to any organisation and are particularly relevant to not-for-profits.

This programme is based on the sport and recreation governance framework and uses the resources available on the Sport New Zealand website.

The course is aimed at not-for-profit directors on governance boards; chief executives and senior staff; and anyone with a sector development perspective inside not-for-profits.

There are six modules and a short assessment that focus on the key principles that are applicable no matter which context or governance model you are working within.

  • What's my job?: The role of the director.
  • What's our job?: The strategic role of the board.
  • Who does the job?: Recruiting and retaining the best people.
  • Let's meet: Inside the boardroom.
  • Who do we work for?: Accountability, ethics and integrity.
  • What's next?: Actions and further resources.

Sports Tutor training modules