Governance 101

Sport New Zealand's on-line learning portal - Sport Tutor - includes a training programme on Governance. This programme covers the fundamentals of governance, which can be applied to any organisation and are particularly relevant to not-for-profits.

This programme is based on the sport and recreation governance framework and uses the resources available on the Sport New Zealand website.

The modules focus on the key principles that are applicable no matter which context or governance model you are working within.

  • Module 1: The role of the director.
  • Module 2: The board’s strategic role.
  • Module 3: Recruiting and inducting for the board.
  • Module 4: How to prepare for and participate in a board meeting.
  • Module 5: Board accountability, ethics and integrity
  • Module 6: Get resources, tools and advice to help you put better governance into practice.
  • Module 7: Short learning check to confirm you’ve understood critical learnings from the programme.

Sports Tutor training modules