Data secrets you need to know

Created: June 23, 2022 at 3:20 PM | Updated: August 20, 2023 | By Wild Bamboo

Often people feel they don’t have the right data or the information they really need, when they need it. Sometimes it’s not a lack of data, but way too much information to make sense of.

It’s possible to break down some of those barriers and tap into your data to harness the potential within. This Wild Bamboo webinar recording takes you through the fundamentals of data and making use of it to tell your story. They also share how your organisation can measure and improve its level of 'data maturity' using proven methods and models.

This is a whirlwind tour, designed to help you better understand data in general and how it fits within your organisation. The webinar explores: how to reliably capture the right things, and then use them effectively, and shares some of the common skills, tools, and approaches that could improve what you’re already doing today.

The webinar:

  • demystifies common data terms and theory
  • explains and simplifies the 'life cycle' of data so you can see how this fits with your organisation
  • explains the Data Science Maturity model and looks at where your organisation fits
  • introduces the concept of the 'Data Scientist' and highlights their contribution to the data journey
  • explores how data can be turned into data stories and why this needs to be more than a 'spreadsheet'
  • highlights some inspirational examples of great data story telling

View the webinar here or read more on the Wild Bamboo website

The webinar includes several free data planning templates - designed to help you get started on your data journey. You can download these files below.

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