Content guidelines

Standard policies applying to all content on this website

We invite resources from anyone working in or with tangata whenua and community organisations. We aim to have diverse content reflecting the many cultures in New Zealand. Material in Te Reo Māori can be published here.

The focus of the website is on: Learning and development resources for community organisations

Resources must be: Free, complete, and stand-alone.

The administrator will do their best to moderate material published on the site, but we ask users for their help. This is a community site and so we ask that you help moderate and ensure contributions are correct and adhere to the guidelines. Material that violates the submission guidelines will be removed from the site without recourse to the contributor.

If you feel a contribution has broken the guidelines, or identify any other issue, please Contact us to report the problem and the site administrator will investigate your concern.

We accept:

  • How-to guides - for community organisations new to a process or topic
  • Stories & case studies - about organisations' experiences and learning
  • Information & advice - such as new research, useful examples and thinking about topics relevant to community organisations
  • Tools & templates - such as tips, checklists and documents that organisations can use and/or modify
  • Shared links - to recommended and useful websites

We do not accept:

  • material that doesn't relate to the learning and development of community organisations
  • material that is commercial in nature, or seeks to promote a product, service or organisation that is solely-for-profit 
  • discriminatory material i.e., racist, religious, sexist or homophobic content
  • adult or offensive content
  • statements that are libellous, slanderous, defamatory, otherwise damage an individual's or organisation's reputation, or are invasive of privacy
  • exploitative or commercially unethical content
  • party political promotion
  • material which infringes copyright
  • material that requires supplementary content to be purchased to form a complete resource

We reserve the right to remove content without prior notice.