About CommunityNet Aotearoa

CommunityNet Aotearoa is an online hub where you can find and share resources designed to strengthen organisations working with New Zealand communities.

Looking though Google search results and browsing multiple websites can be time consuming and frustrating. CommunityNet Aotearoa puts quality resources in one place making it easy for community organisations to search and discover the best resources for them.

An easy search function helps you quickly find what you are looking for, no matter where you are, and you can add your favourite resources to your Toolkit. 


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About the site

CommunityNet Aotearoa focuses on providing the right tools to build and develop community organisations. CommunityNet Aotearoa was transferred to NZ Navigator (a partnership of community organisations working to encourage strong and sustainable organisations and communities) in 2017. A new organisation grew out this partnership - the NZ Navigator Trust.

The NZ Navigator Trust, focused on creating digital spaces to enhance the development of community organisations in New Zealand, looks after CommunityNet Aotearoa, the NZ Navigator organisational self-assessment tool, and Digital Stuff We Love (highlighting smart digital ways to work).

   Digital stuff we love 


New to CommunityNet Aotearoa?

Take a look at our Quick introduction to CommunityNet Aotearoa to learn how to use CommunityNet. You can also go to the Help page to find other resources and learn more about the site.

The five types of resources

There are five types of resources on CommunityNet Aotearoa. They are colour coded to help you quickly identify what type of resource you are viewing.

 how to guide



story and case study


information and advice


tool and template


shared link

Who contributes resources?

CommunityNet accepts contributions from New Zealand individuals and organisations that create resources for community organisations learning and development. It is a great place for organisations to showcase their best resources and share them with all of New Zealand.

You can learn more about contributing here...

The Community Resource Kit

The Community Resource Kit is one of the most used resources on the site. You can browse the Community Resource Kit by selecting that category on the home page or by going to Contents of the Community Resource Kit.

Are CommunityNet resources moderated?

The administrator moderates material published on the site to be sure it meets the content guidelines. Resources submitted to CommunityNet are usually published exactly as they are received, provided they meet the content guidelines. 

If you notice any content that breaches content guidelines, please contact us or report the resource. Material that violates the content guidelines will be removed from the site.


We are always working to improve CommunityNet. Please email us at info@community.net.nz or contact us via the contact form with your comments.