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Information about tools and useful links to help you, your staff and volunteers continue to work together effectively from different...

A introduction to community and voluntary groups in New Zealand, the words used, culture and values, historical background and the...

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for your group.

Project management/planning refers to separate, distinct projects, events or programmes.

Find out how to run efficient and productive meetings.

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A computerised accounting system is the best option for most organisations as it will allow you to manage your finances...

A table to compare the different types of legal structures and their characteristics.

A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics.

About monthly reporting, keeping track of grants, year-end financial statements and auditing.

Read about your organisation's tax obligations, including PAYE, GST and ACC - includes links to Inland Revenue (IRD) resources

More about how to communicate with central government.

Charities Services has developed a statement of the qualities that it considers contribute to making a charity efficient and effective,...

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