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Creating a digital space to equip a thriving community sector

The NZ Navigator Trust has an ambitious vision - to create a growing portfolio of digital spaces that provide easy access to a number of high quality tools and resources that equip community organisations and create a thriving charitable and community sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our aim is to provide resources that are:

  • Simple - the resources are easy to use.
  • Relevant - they make sense to people.
  • Useful - they help people to solve a problem and/or to improve.
  • Trusted - they are curated by the community for the community.

The Trust currently has three free online tools:

NZ Navigator is an online self-assessment designed for community organisations to assess themselves across nine domains of operation including governance, strategic direction, finances, people management and communications.

The final assessment links the organisation to resources held on this website,  CommunityNet Aotearoa.

Digital Stuff We Love gives us a great way of sharing clever digital tools with New Zealand organisations. Most of the tools we highlight are free or low cost for not-for-profits.

Together these free tools enable groups to develop stronger organisations, set their own priorities for action and access resources to assist in that development.

Our resources:

The NZ Navigator Trust resources below include a number of:

  • resources we have created ourselves  and
  • lots of links to great resources we've found that have been developed by others.

We always acknowledge the developers of each resource - if we've linked to your resources and you would like to become a contributing organisation with your own profile page, please contact us.


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Resources from NZ Navigator Trust

A downloadable document giving an overview of the information contained in the online Community Resource Kit.

This NZ Navigator Trust information resource gives a brief overview of a simple risk management plan and includes a downloadable…

A simple template to present easy-to-understand financial information that all your governance group will understand.

A Project Brief is a key document that outlines the scope, scale and detailed requirements of your proposed project.

This resource focuses on a suggested decision-making process to be used when seeking grant funding for development projects. .

The Project Budget is used to estimate the total cost of a project and provides your project sponsors with the…

Project evaluation can save you both time and resources.

How do smaller nonprofit organisations build effective campaigns that trend? Putting together a social media toolkit is a good place…

These guides, focusing on anti-fraud measures, are written for UK charities but the principles and protections apply equally to New…

Links to COVID-19 information that is relevant to the community sector - for organisations and how they work, their staff…

Information about tools and useful links to help you, your staff and volunteers continue to work together effectively from different…

This tool offers a quick and structured way to get input and insight from peers into a current challenge you…

This video tutorial service provides access to over 3,500 instructional videos on many topics including computer software, design, video editing,…

This guide describes the range of ethical and legal duties and obligations of being an effective director.

This guide helps boards manage conflicts of interest in the boardroom and model good practice.

Are you looking to build connection and capacity across a diverse team in a virtual environment?

New Zealand has twelve Community Trusts that provide grant funding and support to a range of regional community-based organisations.

Timeline of key dates for existing incorporated societies to update rules and reregister.

Information about the Government Community Support Package and more, to help those affected by the recent North Island floods and…

A 7 stage process to help you understand all that needs to be done when choosing and implementing a database.