Māori Governance Toolkit Videos

Created: May 9, 2024 at 1:33 PM | Updated: April 23, 2024 | By NZ Navigator Trust

What is Māori Governance?

Te Tumu Paeroa and Community Governance Aotearoa have partnered to create a series of governing videos designed to enhance the knowledge and skills as Māori trustees. The videos are conversational with tips and guidance on navigating our often challenging roles as governors.

Watch the videos

Watch the series of 9 videos here

Topics covered

  • Meetings / Te Whakapā Kaipupuri - What to include in a meeting, and how to run one.
  • Conflict and Ethics / Ngā Matatika - A range of scenarios looking at conflict of interest and ethical considerations.
  • Financial Statements / Ngā Pūrongo Pūtea - A general overview of typical financial statements.
  • Leadership / Te Hautū - Looks at different leadership styles and how to work with them.
  • Leases / Ngā Rīhi - What is a lease and what is generally in a lease document.
  • Risks / Te Haumaru Whakararu - How to consider risk associated with strategies, and methods available to manage them.
  • Trustee Duties / Ngā Mahi Kaitiaki - The Māori Land Court's 12 principles or duties for trustees to follow.
  • Vision & Strategy / Te Rautaki - Guidance on strategic thinking and planning.
  • Trust Order / Ngā Tikanga Tiaki - What is a Trust Order and what might it contain.