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When persons or agencies add material to community.net.nz they provide a non-exclusive, royalty free and irrevocable licence:

This enables us to licence all copyright material on this Site under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand licence.

In essence, you are free to copy, distribute and adapt such material, as long as you attribute the material to NZ Navigator Trust and/or the person contributing the material, and abide by the other licence terms. Please note that this licence does not apply to any of CommunityNet Aotearoa's logos, emblems and trade marks on the website or to the website's design elements [or to any photography and imagery]. Those specific items may not be re-used without express permission.

Find a copy of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand licence on the Creative Commons site.

To avoid doubt, this licence extends to resyndication of the Sites web feeds on third party websites.


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