Designing virtual communities of practice

Created: July 10, 2020 at 7:36 AM | Updated: July 10, 2020 | By NZ Navigator Trust

Using this tool from the Tamarack Institute will help you consider how communities of practice (a group of people interested in sharing information and discussing a particular topic that interests them) can leverage technology and a virtual environment to create connections. 


Tamarack design tool for virtual communities


Communities of Practice can occur within a work team, across work teams, or just with individuals who have a shared or common interest.

They can be short term and focused on a single idea or topic or they can happen over several months or even several years.

Effective Communities of Practice focus on three core elements:

  • Domain: What do we care about? What is the focus around which we are gathering?
  • Community: Who are the people to engage in this Community of Practice? What expectations do we have about their participation and contributions?
  • Practice: How will we gather? How frequently, what technology, what other practices will we build into our Community of Practice?

Download the tool from the Tamarack Institute  (PDF, 295 KB)