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On the home page you can quickly search for resources. Type a keyword into the search field and click Search all or choose a category to search within. If you wish to browse you can simply click on one of the categories.


Scroll down to veiw your search results.

Order of results

You can order the results of your search by selecting:

  • Rating: the most popular resources will be shown first
  • Posted By: will be ordered alphabetically by the names of the organisations who contributed the resources
  • Date: the most recently posted resources will be shown first
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Search results are automatically ordered by rating so you see the most popular resources first.

Personalise your search

Selecting this option will help you refine your search in much more detail.

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Please note: Some of these options will not show any results as we are still growing the number of resources on the site. If this happens try selecting fewer items.

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Find resources suitable for your organisation

Find resources that were created specifically for organisations like yours by selecting:

  • Size: how big or small your organisation is
  • Stage: the development stage of your organisation
  • Community that I serve: the different community sectors your organisation is part of

When you click on one of these it will expand to display the options you can select.

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Find a type of resource

Find resources of a particular type.

  • How-to guides: for community organisations new to a process or topic
  • Stories & case studies: about organisations' experiences and learning
  • Information & advice: such as new research, useful examples and thinking about topics relevant to community organisations
  • Tools & templates: such as tips, checklists and documents that organisations can use and/or modify
  • Shared links: to recommended and useful websites
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Find resources posted by a contributor

Find resources contributed by a particular organisation.

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Find resources on a topic

Find resources about a particular topic. 

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