About the resources

The five types of resources

There are five types of resources on CommunityNet Aotearoa. They are colour coded to help you quickly identify what type of resource you are viewing.

How to guides

  • How-to guides for community organisations new to a process or topic

Stories and case studies

  • Stories & case studies about organisations' experiences and learning

Information and advice

  • Information & advice such as new research, useful examples and thinking about topics relevant to community organisations

Tools and templates

  • Tools & templates such as tips, checklists and documents that organisations can use and/or modify

Shared links

  • Shared links to recommended and useful websites


Information about the resources

All resources include this information about them:

  • Who contributed the resource
  • Contributor's logo
  • When it was posted
  • Type of resource
  • How popular the resource is
  • Summary of the resource
  • Suitability
  • Tags of the topics relevant to this resource

About the resource

If you would like to know more about an contributor, click on the contributors name or logo.

Things you can do with the resource

  • Download supporting files: some resources will have supporting files that you can download. Simply click on the supporting file listed to download the file.
  • Rate this resource: by rating a resource other users can see how popular it is.
  • Share this resource: send an email to a friend with a link to this resource.
  • Receive email notifications whenever this organisation adds a resource: If you like resources from a particular contributor, you can sign up to receive email notifications whenever that contributor adds a new resource.
  • Report this resource to site admin: if you spot an issue with a resource you can report it to the site admin.
  • Add to my Toolkit: you can also easily add the resource to your personalised toolkit. This is really useful if you use the resource a lot or wish to refer to it later.

Things you can do with the resource

Shared Links

Shared Links will have a preview of the recommended website. If you wish to continue to that external site click Go to this external website.

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