Checklist of policies and procedures

A group may need to have some, or all, of these policies and procedures:


  • Board/committee terms of reference
  • Conflict of interest
  • Cultural responsiveness   
  • Treaty of Waitangi   
  • Board
  • Cost of governance
  • Board committees   
  • Chief executive performance evaluation
  • Board delegation to the chief executive
  • Protection of assets
  • Financial management     
  • Reserves      
  • Investments 
  • Treatment of staff and volunteers
  • Reporting to the board       
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Public affairs/relations       
  • Compliance with legislation

Recruitment and employment   

  • Recruitment and appointment 
  • Remuneration (wages or salary) 
  • Wage and time recording procedures     
  • Time in lieu 
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Leave recording procedures
  • Parental leave 
  • Equal employment opportunity 


  • Employee code of conduct           
  • Anti-harassment 
  • Supervision 
  • Volunteer management 
  • Training and development (including study support)   
  • Employee personal grievance procedure
  • Annual performance appraisal procedures

Provision of services       

  • Organisational monitoring 
  • Privacy and confidential information 
  • Internet/email and phone use 
  • Vehicle 
  • Travel (including use of credit cards and reimbursement)       
  • Client complaint procedure
  • Child protection policy and abuse notification procedures     

Health and safety

  • Health & safety 
  • Health & safety procedures, e.g. fire, earthquake, accident                       
  • Smoke-free 
  • Workplace injury prevention 

Financial management    

  • Financial management 
  • Misappropriation of funds 
  • Expenditure and receipting procedures
  • Petty cash and reimbursement procedures


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