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A list of places to go for employment-related information...

Employment New Zealand - The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Employment New Zealand is the go-to place for general employment related matters. The website can be found here.
Mana Mahi Workplace Wellbeing Project 
  • A one-stop employment relations resource designed specifically for tāngata whenua, community and voluntary sector organisations. The resource can be found here.
Community Toolkit: Community Organisations and the Law
  • The Community Toolkit covers many of the key legal issues that organisations working in the community not-for-profit sector will need to be aware of. The toolkit can be found here.
Diversity Works Toolkits
  • Resources designed to help employers explore and implement a range of equal employment opportunities and diversity management strategies. These can be found here.
Sport New Zealand 
  • Sport NZ has guides and information on how to find and keep volunteers, and enhance the experiences of volunteers. These can be found here
Volunteering Canterbury Resources
  • A range of sample documents and templates to assist with the involvement and administration of volunteers. These can be found here.
Volunteering New Zealand
  • Information and useful resources related to volunteering, including policies and guidelines, templates, research, digital tools, books and publications. The website can be found here
Our Community (Australia) 
  • A help-sheet from the Australian Institute of Community Practice and Governance for planning, recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers. This resource can be found here
  • An English website with resources for managing volunteers (these can be found here), and also for employing and managing staff (find these here).

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