Operational planning

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An operational plan is the yearly business plan for the group. It has a more immediate focus than the long-term outlook of the strategic plan and is more specific about:

  • the actions your group will take towards your goals for the year
  • who is responsible
  • how long it will take to achieve your goals or finish your project
  • what resources you need
  • the progress you are making

An operational plan also makes it easier to draw up regular progress reports for your management committee or board.

Below you will find a template that you can use to develop your operational plan (Word, 57 KB).

Develop your operational plan on some sheets of paper or a whiteboard. Include your mission statement and your goal/s. For each goal record the following details:

  • Actions/ Activities - what are the main activities and action steps that you will undertake to achieve this goal?
  • Responsibility - who will be responsible?
  • Completion date - when will the activity be completed?
  • Key target / key performance indicator - how will you measure achievement of your goal?
  • Resource requirements
  • Monitoring/ Update - what progress are you making?


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