Operational planning

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for the group. It has a more immediate focus than the long-term outlook of the strategic plan and is more specific about:

  • the actions your group will take towards your goals for the year
  • who is responsible
  • how long it will take to achieve your goals or finish your project
  • what resources you need
  • the progress you are making

An operational plan also makes it easier to draw up regular progress reports for your management committee or board.

How to develop an operational plan

To develop an operational plan:

On some sheets of paper or whiteboard, draw up various templates as follows:

Operational Plan Template


Operational Plan for __________________________________     


Goal/(Intermediate Outcome):




Responsibility (who?)

Completion date (when?)

Key target / key performance indicator

Resource requirements Monitoring/Update




    1. Record your Mission Statement in the top box.
    2. Record your Goals in the second box. Use a separate sheet for each goal.
    3. List the main activities and action steps in the first column.
    4. State who is responsible in the second column.
    5. State when this task should be completed in the third column.
    6. This column indicates how you will measure how well you achieved the goal.
    7. List what resources are required in the fifth column.
    8. Use the last column to keep track of the progress you are making.


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