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More about online fundraising.

A introduction to community and voluntary groups in New Zealand, the words used, culture and values, historical background and the...

Information about companies, cooperative companies, industrial and provident societies and Māori land trusts.

Information about Charities Services and registering as a charity.

An introduction to planning and the planning resources available in the Community Resource Kit.

Information about the dissolution and winding-up of a charitable organisation.

Information about incorporated societies, the key features and rules.

While the model of governance may vary for each charity, there are common core roles and governance functions that need...

A risk is a current or future factor or event that could negatively affect the project, service or programme you...

Information about unincorporated groups - the key features, rules and processes, advantages and limitations.

A quick introduction to fundraising.

This is a list of more places to go for employment-related information

An introduction to successful fundraising.

Actively caring for and maintaining your physical and digital records.

Information about conflicts of interest and how to manage them, including an example conflict of interest policy.

A plan is only useful if it works in practice.

An introduction to communications and the communication resources in the Community Resource Kit.

Information about financial plans, budgets and cash flow forecasts.