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A new tool to support volunteer engagement based on what volunteers need and offers easy steps for you to meet…

This guide discusses how important the reporting of charities’ annual financial results are when approaching funders.

An introduction to New Zealand's diverse community and voluntary sector, including community, hapū, and iwi groups.

About the stages of an organisation's lifecycle, development and typical characteristics.

Some things to think about when you first consider setting up a community organisation.

XRB have recently updated the reporting template for small (Tier 4) charities.

Stuart Garland presents on volunteer impact assessment and volunteer strategy.

Tātou tātou features interviews with community leaders discussing their challenges, focusing on how they manage their wellbeing and support others.

Lila O’Farrell shares best practice and practical techniques to help you support your volunteers who deal with crisis and trauma.

Many volunteer organisations work with vulnerable people, so it's crucial to protect them and volunteers from potential risks.

Johann Go d explores how organisations can effectively recruit, retain and recognise young volunteers.

Employing and supporting the Chief Executive is a core role of the Board.

The updated edition of Nine Steps to Effective Governance is now widely used in the non-profit sector locally and globally.

This Strategic Grants checklist has 12 grant-seeking points to cover off before submitting any grant application.