Workplace Wellbeing

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The Workplace Wellbeing project was a collaboration between the NZ Council of Social Services, the NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations, Community Waikato and the Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota (now E tū ). These four organisations came together in 2006 to explore ways to support the development and maintenance of good employment practice and relationships in the community sector.

Their mission: 

  • to promote and support good-faith based, productive employment relations in the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector.

Their values: 

  • By, for and of the sector
  • A commitment to social justice
  • Collaborative and respectful working partnerships
  • Respecting the diversity of our sector

Produced specifically for tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector organisations, Mana Mahi contains 17 best practice guides on a variety of topics ranging from employment law and employment agreements through to performance management, managing employment relationship problems, mediation, unions and more.

These best practice guides and resource booklets can be found here and include:

Good Practice Guides

  • Guide 1: Good Employment Practice in Our Sector
  • Guide 2: Guide to Employment Law
  • Guide 3: The Employment Relations Act
  • Guide 4: Employment Agreements
  • Guide 5: Employment Rights
  • Guide 6: Working with Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Guide 7: The Human Rights Act 1993
  • Guide 8: Pay and Employment Equity
  • Guide 9: Getting off on the Right Foot
  • Guide 10: Work-life Balance
  • Guide 11: Health and Safety
  • Guide 12: Training and Supervision
  • Guide 13: Performance Management
  • Guide 14: Managing Employment Relationship Problems
  • Guide 15: Mediation
  • Guide 16: Unions and Collective Bargaining
  • Guide 17: Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance

Resource Booklets

  • Resource 1: Sample Employee Handbook
  • Resource 2: Sample Agreements and Contracts
  • Resource 3: Sample Job Descriptions
  • Resource 4: Sample Governance Position Descriptions
  • Resource 5: Sample Performance Evaluation Formats
  • Resource 6: Resources for Managing Employment Relationship Problems

In 2011 there was an update made to Mana Mahi, Mana Mahi 2. This took into consideration changes made in 2011 to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Holidays Act and contained other new information for the community and voluntary sector. These Mana Mahi 2 resources can be found here. and include:

  • Changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Changes to the Holidays Act
  • Spotlight Skills Identification Tool
  • Collective agreements and our sector
  • The Waikato Community House MECA


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