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A table to compare the different types of legal structures and their characteristics.

A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics.

A quick tour of the site. How to search for resources and about resources.

About the stages of an organisation's life cycle, development and typical characteristics.

A charitable trust is one of the main legal structures that community groups may consider as a way to operate.

Find out how to run efficient and productive meetings.

The following steps outline the process for setting up a registered charitable trust.

An introduction to financial management and other financial management resources in the Community Resource Kit

Governance is about how an organisation is run.

A introduction to community and voluntary groups in New Zealand, the words used, culture and values, historical background and the...

Information about Charities Services and registering as a charity.

Information about companies, cooperative companies, industrial and provident societies and Māori land trusts.

Information about the dissolution and winding-up of a charitable organisation.

Information about incorporated societies, the key features and rules.

Information about unincorporated groups - the key features, rules and processes, advantages and limitations.

A quick introduction to fundraising.

An introduction to communications and the communication resources in the Community Resource Kit.

An outline of the process of setting-up an incorporated society.

Information about umbrella groups and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organisational structure.

An introduction to organisational structures and the resources in the Community Resource Kit.