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A plan is only useful if it works in practice.

Find out how to establish the right governing body processes for the smooth operation of your organisation.

Information about the dissolution and winding-up of a charitable organisation.

Developing policies for your organisation.

Steps involved in developing policies and procedures.

Charities Services has developed a statement of the qualities that it considers contribute to making a charity efficient and effective,...

An introduction to organisational structures and the resources in the Community Resource Kit.

Things to consider when deciding which organisational structure is right for you.

Information about umbrella groups and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organisational structure.

Governance is about how an organisation is run.

Information about governing body officers and the key role they have in your organisation.

What are policies and why do we need them?

Information about formal organisational structures, the advantages and disadvantages.

Information about governance and its critical role to ensure that your organisation's governing body works well and that there...

Some things to think about when you first consider setting up a community organisation.