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Upgrade your financial management with modern cloud accounting software. Streamline processes and access real-time data.

A guide and checklist to consider when applying for funding.

The reporting standards for registered charities and the preparation of financial statements that comply with the standards.

Read about your organisation's tax obligations, including PAYE, GST and ACC - includes links to Inland Revenue (IRD) resources.

Information about annual returns and financial statements.

An introduction to financial management and other financial management resources in the Community Resource Kit

More about the treasurer's role and responsibilities, financial records, filing income invoices and paid accounts, and petty cash.

About monthly reporting, keeping track of grants, year-end financial statements and auditing.

A checklist of funding options - including local fundraising, membership, donations, professional sponsorship, and fundraising consultants.

An introduction to successful fundraising.

Online fundraising - build a strategy that makes people aware of your organisation, gets people to care about your cause,…

Information about financial plans, budgets and cash flow forecasts.

A quick introduction to fundraising.

A Project Brief is a key document that outlines the scope, scale and detailed requirements of your proposed project.