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A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics.

Information about governance and its critical role to ensure that your organisation's governing body works well and that there…

Leaders share what they wish they had known when they got their first Chair role.

A risk is a current or future factor or event that could negatively affect the project, service or programme you…

This guide provides philanthropic funders and community grantmakers with practical guidance and key insights for supporting communities during disasters.

Online fundraising - build a strategy that makes people aware of your organisation, gets people to care about your cause,…

About the stages of an organisation's lifecycle, development and typical characteristics.

Information about governing body officers and the key role they have in your organisation.

A plan is only useful if it works in practice.

Learn how to create and manage a project budget with this comprehensive guide and downloadable templates.

More on the different ways to communicate with local government.