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Helpful tips for organisations who have decided to apply to become a registered charity, making sure you have all the...

The following steps outline the process for setting-up an incorporated society.

The following steps outline the process for setting up a registered charitable trust.

An eBook from Parry Field Lawyers with tools for organisations that are in the planning and start-up phase.

A charitable trust is an agreement between people (called trustees) to manage property, over which they have control, for charitable...

Information about Charities Services and registering as a charity.

A list of all the contents in the Community Resource Kit divided into topics.

A table to compare the different types of legal structures and their characteristics.

Information about incorporated societies, the key features and rules.

Information about the dissolution and winding-up of a charitable organisation.

An introduction to organisational structures and the resources in the Community Resource Kit.

Things to consider when deciding which organisational structure is right for you.

Information about umbrella groups and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organisational structure.

Information about companies, cooperative companies, industrial and provident societies and Māori land trusts.

Information about formal organisational structures, the advantages and disadvantages.

A charitable trust is one of the main legal structures that community groups may consider as a way to operate.