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Information about the strategic planning process, analysis tools, and drawing up your strategy.

Create your own Strategic Plan by adapting this template from The Wheelhouse.

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for your group.

An introduction to planning and the planning resources available in the Community Resource Kit.

Information about financial plans, budgets and cash flow forecasts.

Project management/planning refers to separate, distinct projects, events or programmes.

Running an online webinar is cost-effective and widens your audience numbers considerably.

This Strategic Grants checklist has 12 grant-seeking points to cover off before submitting any grant application.

This NZ Navigator Trust information resource gives a brief overview of a simple risk management plan and includes a downloadable…

This free resource from Strategic Grants with examples of poorly and well-written grant applications will help grant-writers gain an understanding…

A marketing plan forms part of the wider operational planning.

Tips for managing governing body meetings to make them stimulating, fun and productive.

A series of videos to help those who are interested in or new to the Chair role.

An outline of the process of setting-up an incorporated society.

Governance is about how an organisation is run.