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A checklist of funding options - including local fundraising, membership, donations, professional sponsorship, and fundraising consultants.

New Zealand has twelve Community Trusts that provide grant funding and support to a range of regional community-based organisations.

This resource focuses on a suggested decision-making process to be used when seeking grant funding for development projects. .

A quick introduction to fundraising.

A guide and checklist to consider when applying for funding.

Information about the Government Community Support Package and more, to help those affected by the recent North Island floods and…

An introduction to successful fundraising.

Information about umbrella groups and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organisational structure.

Running an online webinar is cost-effective and widens your audience numbers considerably.

The Department has developed a series of videos to ensure that communities have a better understanding of the services available…

What are policies and why do we need them?

Things to consider when deciding which organisational structure is right for you.

About the stages of an organisation's life cycle, development and typical characteristics.

A introduction to community and voluntary groups in New Zealand, the words used, culture and values, historical background and the…

Online fundraising - build a strategy that makes people aware of your organisation, gets people to care about your cause,…