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Advantages and disadvantages of different types of decision making.

More on the different ways to communicate with local government.

A checklist of funding options - including local fundraising, membership, donations, professional sponsorship, and fundraising consultants.

Find out how to run efficient and productive meetings.

Information about how to keep and manage effective records for your organisation.

Information about communications plans, the process, and a communications plan template.

An operational plan is the yearly business plan for your group.

A guide and checklist to consider when applying for funding.

Information about running formal meetings with established agendas and procedures.

Information about governance and its critical role to ensure that your organisation's governing body works well and that there...

About the resources in CommunityNet Aotearoa

The following steps outline the process for setting up a registered charitable trust.

Project management/planning refers to separate, distinct projects, events or programmes.

Information about annual returns and financial statements.

Information about governing body officers and the key role they have in your organisation.

An introduction to financial management and other financial management resources in the Community Resource Kit

Governance is about how an organisation is run.

The reporting standards and when registered charities have to prepare financial statements that comply with the new standards.